Exposing Your Child to a Healthy Dose of Profanity

I’m not a parent. I’ve helped raise my niece from infancy to four years of age, but I’m not yet a mother. (I know there’s really no comparison, but I feel the need to give myself a tiny bit of credit before I go off on this particular tangent.)

The Smell of Commerce in the Morning

Retail stores, right? Nothing makes me want to go Patrick Bateman on someone more than a retail clothing store. I can barely make it through the door before an associate (usually on a lethal dose of Adderall) rushes over to greet me.

A Critical and Interpretive Analysis of the Film “Smoke Signals”

Americans like to use phrases like, “land of the free,” and “the American dream,” primarily because phrases like these have been spoon-fed to them via media outlets and social norms, and have been passed down through generations. But what do these clichés represent? Like the American system of economics and currency, does this nation possessContinue reading “A Critical and Interpretive Analysis of the Film “Smoke Signals””