Exposing Your Child to a Healthy Dose of Profanity

I’m not a parent. I’ve helped raise my niece from infancy to four years of age, but I’m not yet a mother. (I know there’s really no comparison, but I feel the need to give myself a tiny bit of credit before I go off on this particular tangent.) Now, I know non-parents have thisContinue reading “Exposing Your Child to a Healthy Dose of Profanity”

Space Ripples: First Direct Proof of Big Bang

So last night I was kind of half-working, half-watching the local news when a headline about space ripples was announced, and I perked up. Apparently, astronomers had discovered the first direct proof of the big bang expansion, but it was reported with less enthusiasm than a celebrity‚Äôs birthday would have been. Despite the vague andContinue reading “Space Ripples: First Direct Proof of Big Bang”