A Critical and Interpretive Analysis of the Film “Smoke Signals”


Americans like to use phrases like, “land of the free,” and “the American dream,” primarily because phrases like these have been spoon-fed to them via media outlets and social norms, and have been passed down through generations.

But what do these clichés represent? Like the American system of economics and currency, does this nation possess the gold to back its dollar? When was the last time America had to prove that she really was “indivisible,” if ever?

Isn’t that one of America’s most defining features? Is it not divided? Is it not diverse?

The last words of the pledge of allegiance, ironic as it is, are “liberty and justice for all,” but does that phrase ring true “for all,” or even, for any? Does this country’s history contain substantial enough evidence of “equality,” “dignity,” and “honor” to be appropriately associated with those attributes? Or rather, are they simply abstract symbols and ideologies that together make up a set of invisible principles that we seldom actually appreciate or demonstrate, much like the stereotypes of the races of people that inhabit the nation?

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How was America’s land obtained and, based on those ugly truths, what was expected to happen? Did the founding fathers really think that a past of violence, intolerance, and close-mindedness could ever possibly lead to a future of peace, accessibility, and morality?Continue reading “A Critical and Interpretive Analysis of the Film “Smoke Signals””

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Hemp necklaces, Dad’s breakfast potatoes, Hailey’s tongue, The sun.

Flip flops, Family Guy, Grass from an eye-level view, Cafe Mochas.

Dave singing, Apples to Apples & Pictionary, Kids running through sprinklers, Fresh air.

Dr. Seuss books, Motorboats, Audrey Hepburn movies, Around the poker table.

Jack Johnson, Full batteries, New lighters, Skateboards.Continue reading “Good Stuff…”