Space Ripples: First Direct Proof of Big Bang

Space Ripples: First Direct Proof of Big Bang

So last night I was kind of half-working, half-watching the local news when a headline about space ripples was announced, and I perked up.

Apparently, astronomers had discovered the first direct proof of the big bang expansion, but it was reported with less enthusiasm than a celebrity’s birthday would have been. Despite the vague and casual manner in which the breakthrough was mentioned, I decided it was worth looking further into on my own.

I must admit that I’m disappointed with the amount of coverage this subject is receiving, even today, and find it sad that I actually have to go digging for information that should be as in-my-face as the difficult emotional battle Mick Jagger is experiencing since the suicide of his girlfriend. (It’s very sad, yes, but frankly, none of my business.)

I would also like to point out that my excitement about this discovery is in no way tied to any anti-theistic viewpoints you may assume I have. I would be equally excited if we unearthed a discovery that supported a religious claim.

Contrary to what many people may think about science enthusiasts, many of us are not anti-religion. We are simply pro-knowledge, pro-learning, pro-advancement…

We just want the answers to the universe that no one else has yet, and the closer we get to those answers, the happier we are, despite what kind of evidence is presented.

I just felt the need to clarify that today.

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I love hypothetical conversations about how to survive the apocalypse. I love arguing over which musicians I could combine together to form the perfect band. I love conducting research, and I appreciate my resources. I love freedom (or at least the ones that haven't yet been revoked), and look forward to the day that everyone will have the same ones.

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