Good Stuff…


Hemp necklaces, Dad’s breakfast potatoes, Hailey’s tongue, The sun.

Flip flops, Family Guy, Grass from an eye-level view, Cafe Mochas.

Dave singing, Apples to Apples & Pictionary, Kids running through sprinklers, Fresh air.

Dr. Seuss books, Motorboats, Audrey Hepburn movies, Around the poker table.

Jack Johnson, Full batteries, New lighters, Skateboards.

Sunglasses, The thought of time machines, Incense burners, Buddhas & Japanese art.

Pixie sticks, Big fireworks, Singing in the car, Recycling.

Second chances, Fresh fruit, The smell of fresh paint, Snow globes.

Tire swings, Wooden bridges over creeks, Sparkly sidewalks, Waterproof cameras.

Nag Champa burning in the car and feet hanging out the passenger side window.

Karaoke, Hand-addressed letters, Hardwood floors, The smell of lilacs.

Cool rocks on the riverbank, Strings of white lights, Candles when the power’s out.

Open minds, Board games, Tracy Chapman playing in the living room, Dad kissing Mom.

Black and white pictures, That spot halfway between Santa Monica and Malibu.

Change under the couch cushions, Rubber stamps, Protest rallies, Oriental rugs.

Wishing wells and fountains, Spools of thread, Mountains, Birdfeeders.

Feathers, Variously painted light bulbs and doorknobs, Old-fashioned keys.

Road trips for no reason, Unity, The catwalks above a stage, Baby shoes.

Pocket watches, Quilts, Foreign money, Hailey’s wagging tail.

Dave strumming the guitar, Nine lives freeze tag, Water volleyball.

The way Karl likes his “Jesus to party,” Candy necklaces, Roller coasters.

Exacto knives, Dad playing the piano, Krista and Kayla laughing together.

Four corners at Terri’s house, Glass pipes, Hy-Vee baskets, Compilation CD’s.

Hacky sacks, Shuffling cards, Van Gogh, Clouds passing fast.

Gravel roads, Cobblestone roads, Stars in the country, Hay rides.

Pumpkin carving, Tulips, Black Mary Janes with white tights, Finger paints.

Unique salt shakers and ash trays, Back roads, The gray area, Julie in grunge.

Stepping stones, Southern trees in Louisiana and Mississippi, Wrap-around porches.

Boots splashing in puddles, Rain on the lake, Tim Burton, Bandanas.

Rolling down a grassy hill, Life before the corporation, Circle around the campfire.

“Do you believe in fairies?”, Trails in the woods, Hoodies, farts.

Sweat, Music, Laughter, The banjo.

Kerosene lamps, Thin shoestrings, Funnel cakes, Eyes.

Little girls twirling around in dresses, Dali, A good story, books.

Using newspaper for wrapping paper, Cool breeze, The boardwalk, Street vendors. Mulberries, The base line, Vintage brick buildings, Typewriters.

Connect the dots, Sharpies, Kickball and blackout at Grandma’s, Pearl necklaces.

Swing dancing, Magnifying glasses, Useful information, Krista’s hat tricks.

Kayla’s art, Nursery rhymes, Lightning bugs, White squirrels.

Nathan saying, “sweet…totally”, Windchimes, Tennis balls, Melodic door bells. Coconuts, Bamboo, Pottery, Whoopie cushions.

Parchment paper, Brian saying, “you don’t know how to party,” Chapstick, Lava lamps.

Mom’s french braids, Crockpots.



Real Friends.

Published by GramenVox

I love hypothetical conversations about how to survive the apocalypse. I love arguing over which musicians I could combine together to form the perfect band. I love conducting research, and I appreciate my resources. I love freedom (or at least the ones that haven't yet been revoked), and look forward to the day that everyone will have the same ones.

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